Black Bile
"Get out of your house Sam, we love you but this negativity is good for nobody I can see you with that down slanted look sitting in your chair jaw turned rocking back and forth, pissed."
~REVerse REtro
» On Bill Busa (aka, DocDawg)


On May 1, we launched a project (Mayday.US) to build a superpac powerful enough to end all superpacs, by electing a Congress committed to fundamental reform by 2016.

When we launched that project, we announced certain principles, the two most prominent being (1) that the project had to be…


Rubber wife
И будет кукла тебе верна 
И будет кукла тебе жена

Really though

This is the most important thing right now

William Blake, Adam Naming the Beasts (Detail), 1810

I made a flyer for QORDS, a queer oriented summer camp in NC. The camp looks super cool and I’m really glad it exists for kids today. 
(colour version to come, probs…)
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