Black Bile
"Get out of your house Sam, we love you but this negativity is good for nobody I can see you with that down slanted look sitting in your chair jaw turned rocking back and forth, pissed."
~REVerse REtro
» Peter Bradley


I saw a Muay Thai fight while visiting Thailand. I like violence, and I like sports; people punishing themselves for years in order to compete for a few minutes. The audience was almost all Westerners, sunburned, and blond, wearing shorts and tank tops. The announcer was a fat Russian man…


a page from MEGAHEX. in stores soon. big, thick hardback adventure omnibus. 

2010. for some anthology about ghosts that never came out.
MAYDAY.US and transparency


Great news about MAYDAY.US data (for the very hungry data-mavens). Read the announcement just sent to the list. 



The four or five intruders, possibly working in two teams, went completely unnoticed by cops in the four patrol cars assigned to the bridge and nimbly climbed hundreds of feet on narrow main suspension cables, police sources said.

They then got past locked gates and climbed ladders to get…


Swastika Stroller in a Lower Bavarian Village. 1937

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Vincent van Gogh
'Wheat Field in the Rain', 1889
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