Black Bile
"Get out of your house Sam, we love you but this negativity is good for nobody I can see you with that down slanted look sitting in your chair jaw turned rocking back and forth, pissed."
~REVerse REtro

Every art student in the USA is at the NY Art Book Fair. Photo by Chrysanne Stathacos.

Vera Saltzman. Portrait of Mary Tassugat

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Bardarbunga, Iceland

eucalyptus macrocarpa

Eadweard Muybridge. Bird

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At the Royal Ascot Races. 1938

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Can’t wait to see these. 
New Shirt Dropping Tomorrow @scumbagsandsuperstars @scumbagsandsuperstars @scumbagsandsuperstars 
Will also show the original inking tomorrow. #SxS #wizardcleave #ScumbagsandSuperstars will rule the world.
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