Black Bile
"Get out of your house Sam, we love you but this negativity is good for nobody I can see you with that down slanted look sitting in your chair jaw turned rocking back and forth, pissed."
~REVerse REtro



Trap, like hardcore or reggae can be intoxicating in how formulaic it is, remarkable artists in these genres either hit all the marks flawlessly, or play around in the genre’s creases. Young Thug is Trap’s resident Martian, he and Bloody Jay released the hilariously titled Black Portland mixtape earlier this year. At first, I wasn’t that into it, but songs like this one forced their way into my heart. Rather than play the straight man, Bloody Jay tries to out-wile Young Thug: he boasts he’s “Zack Morris cool” and y’all are “just Screech” and later ends a verse on R.L. Stine with how much he loves Slime. Thug’s rhymes border on the psychedelic. The production is pure canned trap rap: tinny 808 beats and Casio-quality strings and organs and the vocals sound like they were recorded right into a laptop mic. This is punk as fuck.  

uh uh floduh wuhdah

» Matthew Morse


It’s Your Fault

Andrew rode his bike to work. It was a short ride and it gave him time to himself, time to think. Lately he thought a lot about his wife.She was cheating on him.

A friend of Andrew’s had seen her at a restaurant with her boss one weekend while Andrew was out of town. Andrew was…




like this if u cry evertim


Gets me every time. 

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th e r e’s a snake in my boot
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